Amazon Aid: cinco formas de participar

May 24, 2021 | Noticias

Amazon Aid Foundation se fundó para educar, activar + proteger. Nuestro trabajo une a artistas, científicos y expertos multidisciplinarios para centrar la atención en la importancia global de la selva amazónica y el impacto de la minería de oro en la región con mayor biodiversidad de la Tierra. Como destinatario de este boletín, su participación es muy apreciada y vital. Aquí hay algunas formas en las que lo invitamos a participar.
Amazon Aid Foundation was founded to Educate, Activate + Protect. Our work unites artists, scientists, and multidisciplinary experts to focus attention on the global importance of the Amazon Rainforest and the impact of gold mining on the most biodiverse region on Earth. As a recipient of this newsletter, your participation is deeply appreciated and vital. Here are a few ways we invite you to get involved. 
1. Watch: River of Gold Released in the US + Brazil Amazon Aid’s documentary River of Gold, which sounds the alarm about the dire threat of illicit and unregulated gold mining to the Amazon Rainforest is now out in the U.S. and Brazil. Narrated by Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and Herbie Hancock, River of Gold is the harrowing account of a clandestine journey into Peru’s Amazon rainforest to uncover the savage unraveling of pristine jungle by illicit small-scale gold mining. Help us spread the word! Watch the trailer and see where you can rent the film: Help us spread the word on social media! 
2. Meet Us: In The Clubhouse on Friday, May 21, 2 PT/5 ET River of Gold: Film As A Catalyst For Change In The Amazon + Beyond w/Sarah duPont, Kwasi Ansare, Corinne Weber, Ron Haviv, Enrique Ortiz Filmmakers and Content Producers who use their creative voice to amplify issues and inspire change will talk about their journey and pivotal projects including the newly-released documentary River of Gold. Candid, inviting, thought-provoking conversation meant to spark ideas and movements. Witness, create & activate. 
3. Attend: Special Screening + Panel With WJA & Ethical Metalsmiths Join us on June 3rd at 7PM ET / 4PM PT for a FREE private online screening of the documentary River of Gold, followed by a livestream Q&A with co-director Sarah duPont, WJA Foundation President Brandee Dallow, sustainable business strategist Christina Miller, and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Nicholas Nehamas. Presented by the WJA Foundation, Amazon Aid Foundation, and Ethical Metalsmiths, this event will explore opportunities for a better way forward and how to participate in the work of positive, transformative change. Register via link in bio (
4. Read: Tracking Amazon Gold Part 1: On-The-Ground Impacts and solutions During the Network meeting, Amazon Aid’s research and writing specialist Charlie Espinosa presented an overview of the first in a two-part series of studies on the impacts of gold mining. Part One broadens the scope of River of Gold and illustrates the magnitude of the problem created by illicit and unregulated gold mining in eight very different Amazonian countries. Click here to read the paper.
 5. Get Inspired: By Our Artists for the Amazon We’ve welcomed a number of artists to our program who apply creativity to expressing the world around them in order to spark conversation and make a positive impact. We invite you to explore their projects and find inspiration in their commitment to craft and change-making.

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